More focus on MountainMinds

After more than a decade in the automotive industry Lukas will focus fulltime on adventures with MountainMinds from November 2020 on.

This allows us to experiment and learn more to create better products and journeys for our clients. At the same time we will change the legal form of our organization from GbR to GmbH and we found a nice co-working space in Berlin to switch easily between North and South (our Stuttgart address remains).

Exciting times ahead. Drop us a message if you want to learn more.

Link to farewell note on LinkedIn.

Three questions to… Sophia Rödiger, Head of Global Transformation Daimler Mobility AG

First published on Daimler‘s LinkedIn page August 24th, 2020: Link to post

Is transformation just about mindset?

You can write any new mindset on a PowerPoint slide, but if you don’t change the conditions in your organization, it will fail. If you see the same problems several times, it’s an indicator that your organizational
system has a weak spot. Focus on that first, instead on very intense mindset shift.

What does a successful transformation require?

Intervene on three dimensions!
1. Stage: Tell a story, not just numbers.
2. Structure: Make the required new behavior measurable.
3. Informality: Focus on networks and other non-written rituals, often these are powerful mechanisms.

What is the leadership role during a transformation?

Acting as role models who live and repeat honest, authentically messages. Deal with that through mindful listening and value-based dialogues.

DigitalLife@Daimler #collaborate – Vernetzte Zusammenarbeit & Working Out Loud

Ende 2018 haben wir Erfahrungswerte rund um vernetzte Zusammenarbeit und Working Out Loud (WOL) bei Daimler auf dem damaligen Daimler Blog zusammengetragen. Die Blogartikel sind als PDF verfügbar.

DigitalLife #collaborate | Lukas Fütterer

Working Out Loud at Daimler | Melanie Rassloff

Multiplier #netWork

netWork Camp 2016

netWork Camp 2017

More articles about DigitalLife, #transform, #ideate & #change from the (old) Daimler Blog in English & German:

Virtuelle Zusammenarbeit in der Frankfurter Allgemeine 2018

Im März 2018 erschien ein Artikel von Oliver Schmale in der Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) über virtuelle Zusammenarbeit indem Lukas Fütterer (Daimler) gemeinsam mit Daniella Cunha Teichert (Bosch), Stephan Grabmeier (Kienbaum), Katharina Krentz (Bosch), Sven Schmidberger (Marquardt), u.a. Einblicke in die digitale Arbeitswelt ihrer Unternehmen geben.

Cover-Bild der FAZ online vom 01.03.2018 zu virtueller Zusammenarbeit