First WOL Mindfulness program for individuals starts in April 2021 – Register now

Do you want to develop individual mindfulness practices and integrate them into your your everyday work and life?

Then WOL Mindfulness might be just what you are looking for. Originally designed for cultivating mindfulness practices in organizations we open the first WOL Mindfulness program for individuals individuals in April 2021.

Register now for your 8-week-journey here:

Sophia Rödiger and John Stepper will support you from start to finish. 

Some Details

Cost: Normally $349. This first experience in APR 2021 is $249.

Included in your program:

  • Circle matching: We select the right target group for you and match the diverse circles.
  • Get organized: We help you set up your meetings & get started in a joint Kick-off.
  • Online WOL Circle Workbook: Read, take notes & print from any device.
  • Self-Assessment: Evaluate your personal level of mindfulness and the development along the WOL Mindfulness journey
  • The Goal Clinic: We help you choose or refine your mindful goal.
  • Live coaching: Touch points with us and expert impulses at the beginning, middle & end of your circle.
  • Support:  Certified WOL Mindfulness coaches is available to help you from start to finish.
  • Certificate: For yourself or your employer upon completion.
  • Program Evaluation: Optional feedback survey to assess the program quality and continuously improve the content
  • Access to the Networking Program for one year: Connect with other WOL Community members like you in groups with curated resources & events.
  • WOL Community app: Access your circle & interact with the WOL Community right from your phone.

The traces that remain…

We are growing together with our customers and partners. We changed our legal form from GbR to GmbH. We are currently professionalizing our studio setup for virtual formats. And, most importantly, Sophia decided to dedicate even more time and energy to MountainMinds and will give over her leadership role for global transformation at Daimler Mobility end of April 2021.

Here‘s her farewell note from LinkedIn with more and more comments from a network that will remain:

The traces that remain… 👣 …from Daimler Mobility AG to MountainMinds GmbH and beyond…

Digital mindful adventures ahead – 📸 by Tilo Hensel

Going on – opens up something new: For more than 7 years, I had the great opportunity to shape things at #DaimlerMobility: from the HR board to digital strategy and startup innovation to global transformation. I built global networks, learned from brilliant colleagues, recruited diverse talents and worked with great leaders. These traces remain.

Going off – how new things start: Maybe some Berlin recklessness led me into founding a transformation consultancy two years ago. Our goal: Connecting #digitalization with #mindfulness to make leading and working more effective. I will now focus on #MountainMinds because the world is more than ready for digital mindfulness.

Going back – how new things gain more value: Jobs and projects are companions in our life. When times get tough, we reflect about what really matters. My own cancer and the loss of my beloved mom last fall pushed my decision in reinventing myself again. I became a yoga teacher, a founder and the CEO of my own business.

I go on, off and back – Carried by deep gratitude. And I will leave new traces 🏔⛰

Comments on LinkedIn:

Photo credits: Tilo Hensel