When we meet virtually with 400+ people to connect over Working Out Loud

Nothing can prevent a strong movement to meet: March 26, 2020 marked the biggest Working Out Loud meetup so far and connected more than 400 WOL practitioners from all around the globe.

Following John’s invitation we met in a one hour Zoom call, sharing multiple stories from the upcoming new edition of the WOL book. Sabine Kluge, Mara Tolja, Daniella Cunha Teichert, Katharina Krentz and myself, we all had the possibility to talk about how Working Out Loud influenced our life and work.

The following short trailer (147 seconds) beautifully edited by Mara gives a good overview over the virtual session:

The full 60min version is uploaded as well:

The slides which I used can be downloaded here:

Can’t wait for the next possibilities to meet online and offline.

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