October 27, 2020 – We have often read and heard it: The automotive industry is in the midst of change. In a transformation. However, what is actually behind this buzzword? In an interview with Sophia Rödiger, business psychologist and transformation expert as well as Lead Global Transformation at Daimler Mobility, we talk about the goals of transformation and how important unconventional thinkers are.

Sophia, what does transformation mean in general?

Transformation is a fundamental change of the existing norm on four different levels:

1. the level of values, culture and strategy | 2. the level of leadership, attitude and learning | 3. the level of behavior, working methods, etc. | 4. the level of structures, projects and processes

When radical shifts occur in all these dimensions, we speak of transformation and no longer just of „change“.

What does that mean for Daimler Mobility?

For Daimler Mobility it means the transformation of the entire business model and our organizational structure. This goes hand in hand with new roles, new decision-making processes, increased efficiency, and above all with new technology, new approaches and opportunities.

So, transformation is not only about mindset?

Definitely not. Sure, you can write any new mindset or attitude on a PowerPoint slide. However, if the framework conditions in the organization are not the right ones, transformation will fail. If problems or resistances occur more than once in a similar way, this is an indicator that the organizational system has weaknesses. In addition, cognitive processes of attitude change are usually very lengthy. To create the right conditions for transformation, it is more effective to start with the organizational things that we as managers or employees have in our hands. However, I am not saying that attitude is not important for successful transformation. It can serve as a valuable catalyst, and I would always advise anyone who wants to implement radical change to involve especially the intrinsically motivated people, the lateral thinkers and change lovers who voluntarily participate and thus possibly motivate others.

Read the full interview here: https://www.daimler-mobility.com/en/company/news/interview-sophia-roediger-transformation/

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